Victoria Drive Community Support Initiative

Definition of symbiotic:involving interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association.
or like in our case…
a mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

Talk to anyone in Walmer Township and they’ll tell you that our community is like one big family. Randcivils’ head office at 11 Giulietti Street is just off Victoria Drive and has been part of this family for over two decades. The relationship between Randcivils and the local community is truly symbiotic – we exist together – and by supporting each other are making the Walmer Township a better place to live and work. Added to this, Victoria Drive is a gateway used by locals and tourists to some of Gqeberha’s most beautiful spaces.

Maintaining and encouraging a safe and tidy environment benefits everyone that lives and works here and that is why Randcivils started the Victoria Drive Community Support Initiative which includes the maintenance of walkways, the repair of the road and walls as well as the installation of refuse bins.

The transformation and the participation of the community have been remarkable.

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