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Reeston Waste Water Treatment Works


Buffalo City Municipality


Randcivils successfully completed the additions and upgrades to the wastewater treatment facility in Reeston, East London. Works included: inlet works, a 16000lt capacity reactor, two 26m ø clarifiers, one 15.5m ø clarifier, pump stations, new control rooms, upgrades to the existing control rooms, chlorine buildings and sludge ponds.


36 months


R115 million

Scope of Work:

  • Bulk earthworks and excavations of 200,000m³, digging more than 7m deep for the reactor
  • Platform layer works for all structures
  • Shuttered formwork for concrete works amounting to over 10,000m³, including fixing all associated steel required
  • 10km of pipe work, including GRP, uPVC and concrete pipes, with sizes reaching 1.5m in diameter
  • Construction and related building works of new and existing control and transformer rooms
  • Asphalting a new 1.2km road