Randcivils Civil Engineering Contractors

Turnkey Projects

Randcivils offers the complete solution to your commercial or industrial development needs. We have completed projects such as Servi-star, Fruit and Veg City and Spur in Uitenhage.

We have also completed warehousing for UTI, AGI, Delphi, and Columbus; as well as factory and offices for Bosun Brick Coega - to name a few.

Our clients have found it beneficial on these large civil works projects to let Randcivils manage the entire process from clearing bush and demolition, to handing over the keys to their completed factory, warehouse or office space.

We work closely with selected steel, cladding, and building contractors. We also have close associations with engineers and architects. A team can be tailored to simplify, reduce the cost of and expedite the delivery of your project.

Contact us or talk to some of our clients to find out how we can make a difference.