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Current Projects

Detailed below are some of the many projects Randcivils is currently working on or has recently completed. Randcivils will at any one time be busy with 30 projects varying in size and complexity.

Boardwalk Casino

The contract for the bulk excavation for the new conference facility at the boardwalk Casino was completed in July 2011. This was the first time we were working with Steffanuti Stocks and a good relationship was established for future ventures. The contract involved the excavation of 110000m3, of which 55000m3 was rock in a period of 60 calendar days! The contract was completed on schedule and had we not had to wait for the lateral support to catch up would have been well ahead. The logistics of moving such a volume in such a short time frame was the biggest challenge and Randcivils has proved that it has the capability. My compliments to the workshop team, Frederick, Daniel and all else involved for a job well done!

We are currently busy with the main contract as subcontractors to Grinaker-LTA where we will be doing the civil site works. The excavation for the bases and preparation for surface beds are complete and finally we are out of the water and out of the ground. We have had a lesson in dealing with groundwater! There are a few additional minor roads contracts we are hoping to secure to make our presence there worthwhile but it is still great to be involved in a job of that magnitude. The contract will use 35000m3 of concrete at about 400m3 per day and you can see the progress daily. Marius is on site capably dealing with LTA’s continual demands.

New TAVCOR premises on William Moffet

In July we started the bulk excavation for the new Tavcor showrooms and service centre on William Moffett. SBT is the main contractor and Tavcor want to move in in about March 2012. The excessive rain at that time and the poor ground conditions forced us to use an ADT to get through the mud! The building is out of the ground now and on track to be completed on time. Robert still has to complete the services and the premix and paved parking area.


Sakkiesdorp Housing Project: Despatch: (April 2011 – November 2011)

This is a RDP Rectification Housing Project.
This particular project forms part of the Presidential Rectification programme. The Client is the NMMM. We have a contract to demolish old & Rebuild 111 New Units.

Work Started in April 2011 & is to be completed in November 2011.

We have employed the Beneficiaries of these new Houses & local Community Members & equipped them with the necessary Training, Tools, PPE etc. For them , under the Guidance of Randcivils Staff,to build these units for themselves.

Spicer Axle: Uitenhage (November 2010 – May 2011)

New Roads & Hardstand Area for Spicer Axle.
Randcivils was Subcontracted to Speyers iAfrika.

Work Included:

Create an 8000m2 Platform for a New Concrete Platform to receive 230mm thick Concrete
Install a new 3m deep x 100m long Storm water System
Bulk Excavations & Backfilling.


New Ramps: NMMU Missionvale Campus: ( April 2010- November 2010)

Randcivils was the Main Contractor on this project.

Work Included:

Demolition of existing Ramps & Steps.
Rebuild a series of Ramps to new levels so as to eliminate steps.
Ramps consisted of Face brick retaining walls, Layer works, Concrete platforms & Clay Paving.
Installation of new lighting, Galvanised Steel Balustrades, Notice Boards etc.


UTI Material Handling: November 2010 – December 2011:

Randcivils is the Main Contractor on this site:

Work Includes:

Construction of +/- 6000m2 New Paved Roadways within the Uti Property.
Installation of a 500m2 X 5m High Steel Canopy..
A sewer Extension.
Kerbing & Drainage.


SA Canopy: (August/September 2011)

General Upgrading of SA Canopy Parking area & Loading

Work Includes:

Bulk excavation & Layer works.
Concrete Motor Slopes.
2 8m x 1.8m sliding gates & accessories.
Bollards, tree planting.
Industrial Paving.


Welfit Oddy: Current.

Randcivils has been the preferred Civils contractor at Welfit Oddys for the last 6 -7 Years.

Work includes:

Concrete Repairs.
Bulk earthworks.
Paving, Retaining Walls & Kerbing
Drainage Systems.


STRAND PHASE 2 Environmental Upgrade

Client: Mandela Bay Development Agency

Type and description of Project:

The upgrades involved the urban renewal projects in the inner city of Port Elizabeth that included the partial pedestrinisation of Strand Street between Union Lane and Fleming Street and the rehabilitation of the Norwich bus terminal.


Site Handover Date: 05 October 2010
Commencement Date: 05 October 2010
Contract Period: 52 Weeks
Contractual Completion Date: 24th November 2011
The project consisted of

  • Roadwork’s :
    • paving
    • premix overlay
    • Slurring of Baakens streets
    • Construction of stabilised road base
    • Road crossings – ducts,watermains ,sewerage
    • Bulk excavations
    • Cut to fill bulk excavations
  • Structural
    • Pedestrian Bridge construction using voids.
    • Flat slab pedestrian bridge construction
    • Precast of New Jersey Barriers
  • Stormwater and sewer drainage
    • Various sized concrete pipes ( 300 to 600mm dia )
  • Architectural elements
    • Benches – pre cast and in-situ
    • Steel Benches for the Norwich Bus Terminal
    • Bollards Precast and Insitu
    • Upgrade of the Norwich Bus Terminal
    • 6000m2 tiling to the inside of the Bus terminal
  • Signage
    • Road markings
    • Road signs
    • Overhead Gantry signs
  • Demolition
    • Demolition of 200mm to 300mm existing thick road slabs
  • Landscaping
    • Removing and replanting palm trees and others
    • Planting trees
    • Landscaping to mounds
    • 6000m2 of tiling to an existing bus terminal
  • Water reticulation
    • Installing irrigation pipe
    • Replacing redundant vales
    • Water reticulation and installation of water pumps
  • Plumbing and drainage
    • Construction of manholes
    • Services to new and old ablution blocks
  • Telkom and CCTV ducting
    • Installation of 3000m of CCTV ducting and Telkom ducting
  • Mechanical
    • Instillation and commission of a paraplegic lift
  • Electrical
    • Installation of new street lights
    • Installation of up lighters
    • Installation of new DB kiosks
  • Building
    • Building of public toilets.
    • Building of offices for the Norwich long distance taxi association